Walthamstow Schools Deserve Our Support, not Slashed Budgets

Tory cuts to school budgets will see some schools in Walthamstow face a 20% reduction in their funding, meaning many will have to either make teachers redundant or cut back on classes and vital services for our young people. To give some sense of the scale of cuts involved, Frederik Bremer School alone will lose £800,000 over the next four years. Calculations done by our local Council show that schools here in Waltham Forest face real-terms budget cuts of £21m between 2016 and 2020 – based on increased costs of £17m from unfunded new cost pressures, such as the government’s apprenticeship levy in addition to about £4.3m from changes to the national funding formula for schools.

As the local MP I have been working with the Council to raise concerns with the Government about these plans, as well as my fellow Labour MPs - so was shocked that the Minister responded to us to suggest that if schools could not manage with such cuts they should simply renegotiate their photocopier contracts or energy bills. Such an attitude suggests the Ministers don't understand either how schools manage their funds or the impact of the cuts they are imposing on them- leading to likely devastating consequences for our local children. You can read more about this here from the Guardian newspaper- if I am re-elected as Walthamstow's MP in the election I will continue to fight for our schools to get the funding they need to be able to give every child in Walthamstow the best start in life. 

Cara Sanquest