Use Your Vote To Send a Message Equality is a Priority for the Future of Britain

With less than two weeks to the General Election, I am asking for your vote on June 8th to send a message that equality matters to our community and our country.

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Many key employment rights for women are directly underpinned by being members of the European Union. You can read my speech about this here- if I am re-elected I will fight to protect these rights against those seeking to diminish them

My track record shows my determination to prioritise addressing violence against women- along with addressing unequal pay, paternity and maternity leave and the lack of women in leadership positions.

This is a commitment that will never waiver.  

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So too, as abortion rights are threatened, I will always speak up to protect a woman’s right to choose.

I spoke up for the importance of including same sex relationships in sex and relationships education in our schools. If I am re-elected I will continue to work with Stonewall and local teachers to make this a reality.

As reported hate crime rises in our city, I have championed community cohesion initiatives in Walthamstow and challenged the Government on its public sector duties towards minorities.

So too, Labour is committed to scrapping the Personal Independence Payments assessments and Work Capability Assessments, and incorporating into law the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. 

By voting for me on Thursday 8th June, you can send a powerful message that equality is not an optional extra, but critical to our nation's future.

Let me know if you will be voting for me by clicking here

Cara Sanquest