Standing Up For Walthamstow and For Britain: My Pledge To You To Fight for Our Future in The Single Market

Today I joined eighteen other London Labour candidates to launch our pledge to fight for Britain to have full access to the European single market if re-elected. 

Being able to trade in the single market is crucial to the future of Walthamstow and Britain- in London alone, the EU buys 39% of our exports and 650,000 jobs depend on trade with Europe. 

I voted against triggering Article 50 because the deal Theresa May says she wants would involve leaving the single market, risking the livelihoods of many here in Walthamstow and around Britain through her desire for a hard Brexit.

Any deal which creates barriers to trade will inevitably lead to lower growth and fewer jobs, damaging the prospects of our community and our country. 

Now that negotiations have started, if I am re-elected as MP for Walthamstow I will continue to fight for cooperation with Europe, for the rights of EU citizens here in the UK and for staying in the single market and the Customs Union. 

I will also work with other politicians who share these concerns- because as my track record shows, I will always work to get the best deal for Walthamstow and for Britain. 

If you would like to support my campaign to be re-elected, click here to request a poster or volunteer

Cara Sanquest