Here's how you can make sure all UK women are treated equally when it comes to access to abortion..


With your help, next week the UK Parliament can right a 50 year old wrong and make sure equality isn't ignored in the Queen's Speech

Email your MP now to ask them to support #mypledgeherchoice 

Its 50 years since the 1967 Abortion Act, which granted reproductive rights to women. 

However, abortion is illegal in Northern Ireland (except in the most extreme circumstances), and as a result hundreds of NI women travel to England for an abortion every year. 

Despite being UK citizens and UK taxpayers, NI women are not entitled to NHS funding for their treatment, and therefore must meet the cost of both travel and treatment personally.

This month Jeremy Hunt fought and won a court case on his right to charge Northern Irish women for abortions if they have them in England and Wales, claiming he was doing so out of “respect” for the Northern Irish assembly.

Unless he changes his mind a decision made in Belfast has consequences for UK citizens choosing to access services in Birmingham, Blackpool or Brighton. 

Email your MP now to ask them to support #mypledgeherchoice 

So whilst the UK funds access to abortion through its overseas aid budget, we deny our own citizens the same support. 

I have tabled an amendment to the Queens Speech to address this which has received cross party support. 

Now we need your help to ask other MPs to join the call for equal treatment. 

Please use this link to ask your MP to support this change and to commit to backing legislation in principle if the Secretary of State won't change his mind. 

Email your MP now to ask them to support #mypledgeherchoice 

Together we can ensure equality is on the agenda and all UK women are treated fairly.

Cara Sanquest