Animal Welfare and the General Election: Where I Stand


The humane treatment of all animals should be a benchmark for any civilised society. 

Many Walthamstow residents have written to me about the Prime Minister's recent proposal to hold a vote on overturning the ban on foxhunting- if I am re-elected as the MP for Walthamstow, I will always vote against any attempts to overturn the ban on foxhunting. 

In the last parliament I also supported attempts to increase the penalties for animal cruelty brought forward by my colleague Anna Turley- The current penalties for animal welfare cases in England are amongst the lowest in Europe. It is time this changed.  

I have also repeatedly voted to ban the use of wild animals in circuses, and would support a total ban on the trading of ivory in contrast to the decision of the Conservatives to abandon their pledge on this issue. I would also support a ban on the third-party sale of puppies and live animal exports. 

During my time as an MP I have also opposed the culling of badgers to control bovine TB. If Labour wins the election we would immediately end the ineffective and cruel badger cull, instead focusing on an evidence-based approach driven by science, not ideology.

So too many residents have raised with me concerns about antibiotic resistance. It is a major public health concern, and awareness is still too low.  I am concerned that antibiotics are employed too liberally, including whilst rearing animals and so if I am re-elected I would raise this with the Secretary of State for Health and investigate what measures we might take to protect the public. 

Finally, given the decision of President Trump to reject the Paris Accord and the impact this could have on our food production, if re-elected I will work with other MPs to challenge this and ensure that our farming practices promote high animal welfare and environmental standards. 

I ask for your support on Thursday to be re-elected as our local MP. If you are voting for me, you can let me know by clicking here.  

Cara Sanquest