Youth Projects

Us Girls

A girls' club for girls aged 8 and upwards that meets at Gnome House on Blackhorse Lane on Saturdays in term time. The girls participate in an hour of street dance followed by an hour of games, chillout, art and other activities including theatre and cinema trips. Parents/carers of the girls have recently expressed concerns about the safety of the girls at weekends as a result of recent violent crime in the area and have highlighted how important the club is as a safe space for the girls on Saturdays. The girls and parents/carers would like us to increase the length of the club from 2-3 hours if possible. Future plans also include talks from inspirational female business leaders who live in Walthamstow and getting the girls involved in some of the 2019 borough of culture activities and Making Places initiative. We have had to delay starting the club this term as we have applied to LBWF for ward funding and William Morris Big Local and have been informed we will not have the outcome of these applications until May. The group has 15 members including one girl with SEND who is NEET. Contact for the group is Chantelle Michaux - email / 07535 326157

Youth club at Outset Centre

We are working with Forest Pathways to set up a club at the Outset Centre on Fridays which will be led by Selina Jeremiah who is one of our leaders and also a tutor at the school. Forest Pathways have agreed in principle to give us space at the centre but we are seeking funding for workers to run the club. We anticipate that this will predominantly be attended by students from the school but will be open to other young people in the area. The contact for the group is Selina Jeremiah - email / 07889499527

Creating A Buzz

A weekly group that meets after school on Wednesdays at Leyton Youth Centre predominantly attended by children from George Mitchell Secondary School. This group has been running for several years but we are reaching the end of our current funding from BBC Children in Need. The young people engage in creative and social activities and trips including residentials to PGL activity centres and theatre and cinema trips. The contact for the group is Selina Jeremiah - email / 07889499527

We have seen a lot of money in the area diverted into new youth projects led by organisations that seem to have few, if any, service users in the local community whilst our established groups which are currently serving 45-50 young people cannot get funds. We have already had to discontinue our successful creative youth club that ran from 2015-2017 at Gnome House and served between 20-30 young people every Saturday from 11am-3pm as we couldn't get funding for it. Any help/donations would be much appreciated.