Wonder Women of Walthamstow: September Campaigns Showcase

Women in Walthamstow are leading the way in changing our country and our community - want to know how? Join us for tea on Saturday 24th September between 3.30pm-5.30pm to hear about their work and how we can help them! 

This event will showcase projects tackling violence against women, supporting the Yazidi women in their quest for safety and justice and promoting good sexual health education and services for all. We'll hear first hand from local activists about their campaigns and crucially how you can support or join them. This event will be held in central Walthamstow and is free to any woman from our community over the age of 14 - to help us with the logistics attendees are asked to RSVP via my office on stella@workingforwalthamstow.org.uk for further details of this event including the venue. Although there won't be a creche, children are also welcome to attend -  I'll be providing tea, coffee and juice but attendees are welcome to bring cake! 

Joining us on the day will be feminist campaigner Caroline Criado-Perez to share her experience and tips for successful campaigning on and offline.