Stella Creasy MP: Statement on the Wonga ‘Twitter Troll’ Incident

“Naturally I was shocked by the revelations in this weeks press that a Wonga employee had been sending abusive messages to me via twitter and also to those who had engaged in debates on the campaign to end legal loan sharking. As a regular and avid user of social media I do not believe such ‘trolling’ should ever be considered a normal or inevitable part of the use of twitter, just as I do not accept abusive and offensive language in offline contact either. I’m pleased that Wonga have offered a full and unreserved apology for this behaviour and have recognised the serious nature of this conduct.

When I started this campaign my main concern were the lives of the residents in Walthamstow who were struggling with a mix of the cost of living in London, wage freezes and the consequences of borrowing at rates of interest that  was likely to lead to more debt to make ends meet.  I therefore asked Wonga as a gesture of goodwill to fund publicity for the Walthamstow Family Finances Fair which I have organised for this coming Saturday. Over twenty organisations will be attending this event to help local residents find out how to get the best deals they can on their utility bills, cut their costs and save money. This free community event will be at Mission Grove School in Walthamstow between 10.30am and 4pm. I’m pleased to note Wonga have now agreed to distribute my flyers about this event in Walthamstow ahead of the weekend.
For further details of this event please see my post about the ‘Family Finances Fair’ and for details on the campaign to end legal loan sharking please click here. You can also get involved in the latest action being taken by #Sharkstoppers – which is a lobby of the House of Lords – click here for more information.”