Dubs II: Safeguarding Child Refugees- An Open Letter to Theresa May



On Wednesday 12th October, I told the Prime Minister herself that 18 of the 178 children in the Calais refugee camp who have the right to be in the UK with their family have gone missing.

Her Government has known about these children since July 2016- please join us asking her to track down these children and protect all those remaining in the refugee camp who have the right to be in Britain as the French begin demolishing the camp.

I have written to the Prime Minister to offer her the details of these missing children to help identify them. Delays in acting to process the asylum claims by these children and help transfer them to the UK mean that they are still stuck in Calais. Fears are growing that efforts to fast track the processing of these children before the camp is demolished will be too late, so it is critical that we act to challenge this situation now.

Please help raise awareness of these missing children by sharing details of them on social media, and ask the Prime Minister to help find these children and safeguard the unaccompanied child refugees in Calais as the evictions begin. Time is running out - with your help we can ensure our Government fulfils the pledge made by the British parliament in the Dubs amendment.

You can use this simple link to write to the Prime Minister here.