Safeguarding Campaign Success: Help Make Sure Brexit Doesn't put Child Refugees At Risk



On Wednesday 2nd November 2016 Stella Creasy MP and Peter Kyle MP met with the French Ambassador to the UK to discuss the welfare of the children in Calais. 

This week the Government have confirmed they accept our call to extend safeguarding to refugee children in Europe. This follows the principles of the “Dubs II” amendment and includes commitments to both those children covered by the Dublin regulations and Dubs children too.

However there is much to do to help children still stuck in France and elsewhere. And our ability to do this is at risk because of the vote to leave the European Union. This is because the Dublin regulations are part of European, not UK, legislation.  

Please help ensure the Government explicitly includes cooperation to help refugees in their Brexit negotiations and commits to writing the Dublin regulations into UK law. You can write to the Prime Minister using this link and there is a suggested text below. 

Please feel free to share this email with others who would like to support this request and encourage them to write too. 

Thank you to all those who supported our call to safeguard child refugees and helped us to win this policy- together we can ensure refugees are treated with dignity and fairness by Britain. 


Letter to send to the Prime Minister- Please click here to email her

Dear Prime Minister, 

Thank you for listening to our calls to extend Britain’s safeguarding procedures to child refugees in Europe. I know that this involved working with the French authorities as well as UK local Government and the Children's Commissioner. 

Yet I am concerned that the success of this strategy may be at risk because it refers to the Dublin regulations which are part of European Union law. That is why I am asking you to ensure the management of requests for sanctuary from those fleeing persecution are part of our plans for Britain’s discussions about leaving the European Union. In particular, please commit to explicitly retaining Britain’s participation in the Dublin regulations as part of any Brexit negotiations. 

I am proud that Britain has been part of this process and I hope we can continue to be proud to play our part in treating refugees with dignity and fairness. I look forward to your response.