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No Child In Calais By Xmas: Visiting the Refugee Camp

On Tuesday 9th August I went to see for myself the situation in Calais, and meet with volunteers and refugees at the camps to 13938369_10157150983270562_6163581757674309936_n.jpgdiscuss progress on helping child refugees and the conditions at the camp. I also visited the Wilcumstowe Wagons, the caravans that residents of Walthamstow renovated in memory of Jo Cox, which are now offering shelter to refugees from countries including Sudan, Eritrea and Ethiopia as well as Afghanistan. 

Whilst I was at the camp, I made several videos about my trip which give direct testimony from those working there- you can find them all here:


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Justice for Michelle Vigil

The first week of June marked the seventh anniversary of the rape and murder of Michelle Samaweera in Walthamstow, East London. Stella Creasy, MP for Walthamstow, women across London and Michelle’s family called an emergency vigil outside the Indian Embassy to demand justice for Michelle.

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Walthamstow Healthcare Campaign Introduction Event – Houses of Parliament Monday 18 April


We all know what a big issue access to healthcare is for our community and in particular the difficulties many face in accessing GP services. As someone who has previously signed up to get healthcare campaign updates we wanted to invite you to an event at parliament we are having next week to bring Patient Participation Groups together as well as those interested in joining one.

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