Ask Your MP to Help Put Consent on the Curriculum - Back the Safeguarding Amendment to Children and Social Work Bill


"We cannot say that we safeguard our children when we make sure that they are taught about composting but not consent" 
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Today I tabled legislation to make the provision of sex and relationship education part of safeguarding all children in schools in England. 

Composting and recycling are part of our national curriculum. Consent and equality are not. 

It’s time to change this- One in three young girls say they have been sexually harassed in school. There have been 5,500 assaults reported in schools in the last three years alone. 

Sex and relationship education which covers consent, sexual violence, healthy relationships and domestic violence is a crucial part of preventing harm.

This proposal would ensure all pupils were given lessons not just in the biology of sex, but healthy relationships and consent. It would also require these lessons to be age appropriate, balanced, inclusive and religiously diverse - and give young people themselves the right to say if they want to take part in these sessions. 

Teaching these skills isn't about replacing the role of families in guiding young people - it is about ensuring the peers of every child share the same respect for other students any parent would wish for their child. 

So far twenty other MPs have backed this proposal- please help us win the case for this legislation by asking your MP to join us in supporting this measure. 

Contact your MP by emailing them using this link - please ask them to add their name to the New Clause to the Children and Social Work Bill “Safeguarding: provision of personal, social and health education”.

Thank you for your support.